Creating Azure Disk Storage

 Creating Azure Disk Storage typically involves creating managed disks and attaching them to Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) or other Azure resources. Here are the steps to create Azure Disk Storage:


  1. An active Azure subscription.

Steps to Create Azure Disk Storage:

  1. Sign in to Azure Portal: Open a web browser and navigate to Sign in with your Azure account.
  2. Create a New Managed Disk:
    • Click on the "+ Create a resource" button on the Azure portal dashboard.
    • In the search box, type "Managed Disks" and press Enter.
    • Click on "Managed Disks."
  3. Configure the Managed Disk Settings:
    • Basics:
      • Subscription: Choose your Azure subscription.
      • Resource group: Create a new one or use an existing resource group.
      • Region: Choose the geographic region where you want to create the managed disk.
      • Name: Enter a unique name for your managed disk.
      • Source type: Choose either "None" for empty disks or select a snapshot or managed disk to copy data from (if desired).
    • Advanced:
      • Availability zone: If you want to place the managed disk in a specific availability zone for high availability, you can select an option here (if applicable).
    • Size: Choose the size (capacity) of the managed disk.
    • OS type: Specify whether the managed disk will be used for Windows or Linux.
  4. Tags (Optional): Add tags to your resource for better organization and management if desired.
  5. Review + Create: Review the settings you've configured, and then click the "Review + Create" button.
  6. Review and Validation: Azure will perform a validation check to ensure that the settings are valid. If everything looks good, click the "Create" button.
  7. Deployment: Azure will now deploy your managed disk. This process may take a few moments. You can monitor the deployment progress on the Azure portal.
  8. Deployment Complete: Once the deployment is complete, you will receive a notification. Your managed disk is now ready for use.
  9. Attach the Managed Disk to a Virtual Machine (VM):
    • To use the managed disk, you'll typically need to attach it to an Azure VM.
    • Navigate to your Azure VM in the Azure portal.
    • In the VM settings, go to the "Disks" section and click on "Attach existing disks."
    • Choose the managed disk you created earlier and attach it to the VM.
  10. Initialize and Use the Disk: After attaching the managed disk to a VM, you may need to initialize and format it, create partitions, and use it to store data or install an operating system, depending on your requirements.

That's it! You've successfully created Azure Disk Storage by creating a managed disk and attaching it to an Azure Virtual Machine or other Azure resources. Managed disks provide scalable, durable, and high-performance storage for your Azure workloads and applications


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