Monday, February 20, 2012

SnapShot Replication Configuration

Distributor Configuraion

                                                 Right Click on Replication – select configure Distribution..
Click on Next

 Specify the snapshot folder path:
Specify the Distribution Database Data file and Log file path here

U will get one extract Database called distribution.  You can see in the below screen.
Creating Publication:

Right Click on Local Publication option under Replication

Click on New Publication..

Click on Next..

Select Database name and click Next..

Choose Replication Type..

Select Articles are to be publish..

Click Next..

Click Create Snapshot Immediately and keep the snapshot available to initialize subscription..
And then click Next..

Click on Security Settings

Choose Run under the SQL Server Agent account
Then Click Ok

 Click Next..

Click Next..

Specify Publisher Name..

Click on Finish..

 Creating Publication is finished successfully…

Add Subscription
Select New Subscription under Local Publication.

 Click Next…
 Select Publication..

 Choose Subscriber …

Choose Subscription Database..
If there is no Database You can create from here itself.

 Choose Database and click Next..

 Choose the Security..

Choosing security As Run under the SQL Server Agent Service Account..

Click next..

Choose Agent Schedule as you like..

After Choosing then Click Next

Choose Initialization mode..

Then Click Next..

Click Next..

Click On finish..

Successfully Added Subscription..

Added Successfully
You can find local Subscription in the above screen.

Using Replication Monitor:
  We can create a Job from Agent Properties Window

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